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There will be Math


Quinn Lyons has slid beneath the radar. She cleans floors in a mining station next to a section of the Asteroid Belt called the Briar Patch.  The humble act doesn’t last. When the station recovers a ghost ship it leads her and Angle Xiang on the quest to answer a riddle about what it takes for small ships to travel as fast as large ones – pulse speeds that approach light speed. The process unmasks them and brings them closer together. Both will tie themselves in knots to protect the other. 


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About the Author

Kanaan Desert, Namibia, August 2016

I received my undergraduate education at Eastern Michigan University. My  career path has focused in the non-profit sector. The first jobs I had out  of college were in public broadcasting. I migrated into university administration. The last 15 years I have served in research administration at the University of Michigan. When not running into deadlines, I am an itinerant wanderer and keeper of many books.

For this project I want to humbly thank my writing friends. The cover artwork was created by artist Thailan When. Thailan's Zodiac Rabbit was striking and I fell in love with it for this project instantly.  

The cat that rules my home is Pakka. She has watched over this development with regal, feline skepticism.

Acknowledgement of two friends I've lost touch with: Pete, who once provided me with a fire extinguisher as a Christmas gift because he understood about me and fire. John's grace and social engineering skills outside of work and across the table are still an example I admire.  


Mugging Science

"Observation of the dynamical Casimir effect in a superconducting circuit," C.M. Wilson, G. Johansson, A. Poukabirian, M. Simoen, J.R. Johansson, T. Duty, F. Nori, P. Delsing. Nature 479, 376-379 (17, November 2011)

Two mirrors held parallel to each other in a vacuum experience an attractive force, known as the Casimir effect, which combines aspects of quantum vacuum behaviour with relativity....

Apologies to those who recognize the nomenclature and then shake their heads in dismay at the application.

I'll share some of the germs that were collected and embedded into The Years Ran Like Rabbits..


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The Years Ran Like Rabbits